We offer a broad range of services to satisfy even the most demanding solutions

Classic Webhosting

Host your domain, websites and email addresses on our simple yet powerful custom control panel servers

Classic VPS

A classic VPS service running on Virtualizer based Multi Xeon servers with RAID-10 SSD's

Cloud Server

The ultimate in redundant, scalable cloud compute services. You can have KVM virtual machines or LXC containers.

Managed Services

You don’t have time or the expertise to run and maintain your servers? We will do it for you. There are several plans to choose from.


Bring your own hardware and place it in one of our data centers

Bare Metal Servers

For any specific power requirement we have a dedicated hardware server. Choose from the available ones or ask for a custom config.

Online Office

A great online office for document editing and collaboration

Web design

We can connect you directly with our team of design and integration professionals

Cloud Wordpress

The ultimate Wordpress power paired with our custom control panel and cloud servers

Domain Registration

Custom domain names for your website or business email

Game servers

We are hosting all your game servers with low latency and great speed in Asia

Ready to work together towards your success?