About us

We are an international group of businesses, working to our customers satisfaction
since 1994

Multi node global network

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Our companies are serving customers to their satisfaction for 28 years

Infotechna Ltd (AS15566) was estabilished in 1994 in Budapest, Hungary. The company started its internet services in 2000 and since then estabilished itself as a stable and long term partner to a lot of small and mid size companies, enterpreneurs, local government offices, etc.
It is a member of the European RIPE network coordination centre and a local LIR, member of BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange), the Council Of Hungarian Internet providers, and a local domain registry. (NIC)
It also is a member of the RIPE Atlas internet measurement network, serving a global community of internet users.
Infotechna currently peers directly with most Tier-1 internet backbones and corporations. (Cogent, Hurricane Electric, T-Com, Swisscom, Sprint, Microsoft, Amazon, Level3, GTT, RETN, China Telecom, Cloudflare, Google,  Orange, SBB, Vodafone, etc.)

StreamTel (AS266808) was estabilished in 2018 as a Belize company to serve clients mostly in Latin America, but also all over the world. It is a member of LACNIC.

In 2022 we felt the need to move to a new and exciting market, which is Asia, and estabilished Server Galactic Private Limited  (AS150423) in Singapore. We chose the location mostly because of its vibrant startup community, great business conditions and very tech focused infrastructure. Now a member of APNIC and a full service hosting provider serving customers in the Asia Pacific region, with servers located in several countries.
Our first Asia nodes are estabilished in Singapore and Bangkok.

You can find a full range of internet services in our palette. From domain name registration, web hosting, virtual private servers through to dedicated servers, colocation, and even IP transit. If you have your own servers, you can send or bring them to us, and they will have an excellent home in one of our datacenters.

If you cant find the right package or need a specialized internet service, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to serve you.

Fast and reliable network

We have several data center locations we use in the EU (Budapest, Frankfurt), Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore and the USA. (New York). These are all state of the art Tier-III or Tier-IV facilities, with redundand power, fiber connections, cooling and fire supression systems.

We have dedicated IP transit connections to global Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers and we are also present on BIX. This assures low latency anywhere in the world and a huge amount of bandwidth available for any peak traffic.

Our own Autonomus Systems (AS) and IP address blocks give us additional felxibility and control over the quality of our services. We and our partner companies are the members of RIPE, LACNIC and APNIC.

Our Vision

To serve happy clients in all of Asia

If our clients are happy, we are happy. So that is one of our goals. Since we love what we do, we do our work passionately..Hopefully that will reflect in everything we do.

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Our Mission

To provide great and affordable services

All our services should provide a great experience to our customers. In addition they should be fast, reliable and a great value for your money.

Our Values

Some of our values in short terms


We try to be as honest as possible. No BS here, no hyperbolic lies, like some of the competition does


We are a happy bunch. Looking at life in a positive way and we always try to reflect this also in our relationships with our customers


We are a small and tight team, keeping the bureaucracy to a minimum. If there is an issue we will solve it quickly.


We focus on our customers satisfaction, by offering great service with affordable prices.


Our customers are always priority, as well as the reliability and speed of our network and server infrastructure.

Team Work

Good communication and teamwork can efficently manage the smooth running of things.