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Fast Asian servers

If your customers are in Asia, you don’t want to host on US or European servers. Asian servers will always be faster and more responsive!


Shared Webhosting on fast servers, with a great and simple control panel,  free domain, multiple location options.

Cloud VPS

Fast cloud servers, High Availabilty and private network options, virtual switching. Scalable, with web control.
 KVM or LXC containers. Hundreds of ready made app VM images  to choose from. 

Turbo Wordpress

Managed Wordpress and Woocommerce hosting, with separated user spaces in dockers, staging area, easy backup, data cloning


Are you a digital nomad or web designer?

Check out our 50% discount agency packages

We offer special reseller packages for digital nomads in Asia.
You design websites for clients? Put their websites and domains on our servers and leave your worries behind.
Great prices, fast servers, lightning fast network and fantastic support will await you.
You can also become our approved design partner and we will pass on eventual customer work on to you! Win win!

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New! Fast Game Servers.
Low latency in Asia.